So much for Week One

It’s the end of the first week of real work on the book, and although I’m still at the ‘sorting-out-old-stuff’ stage, I’m starting to think about aspects of the book, for instance the inclusion of one or more town trails – Burton obviously, maybe Newark, maybe former sites in London, you get the idea. So I was looking back at the photos from the BHS walk around Burton in March last year, and here’s a few tiny details I shot on the way round. And then back to work on the sorting out, which should be done by next week, so I can get to grips with the synopsis and really see what needs doing and in what order. One nice thing is that I’ve chucked out loads of stuff, amazing how it acc-umulates. Also, checking back through notes from various conferences, study days and the like, you notice how useful they were, not so much for the actual papers given, but for the exchange of ideas, the off the cuff remarks, that open up whole new lines of thought.

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