Beer and cricket

Week 2

Consolidation, followed by an interruption in the form of a request to write an article on cricket pavilions for a conservation journal. So am briefly concentrating on cricket before being submerged in beer again shortly. Of course, cricket and beer do go together historically – after all, it is not so long ago (relatively) that a cricket match was the only place you could get a beer on a Sunday afternoon! Thus I spent several Sundays at Edgbaston, and occasionally even saw some cricket. Anyway, and meanwhile, here’s a few pics of the Phoenix Brewery (former) in Newbury, which I saw last August on the way to visit the Stanley Spencer murals in the chapel at Burghclere. The phoenix itself still – surprisingly – survives over the gateway, while the 18th century brewer’s house and the brewhouse in courtyard to rear are both listed. The brewhouse was converted to a store in 1923, and now appears to be in residential use. The list description says there is an article on the brewery in the Transactions of the Newbury District Field Club (wonderful name), volume 12 for 1972. The club is online but its transactions are not, so that’s one to chase up.

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