The lion of Hartlepool

Week 3

Last weekend made a quick trip out to Hartlepool, to see and photograph the exterior of Cameron’s Lion Brewery. Lovely sunshine but bitterly cold. The only listed part of the brewery is one of three lions decorating the railings to the east of the brewery itself. He (it is definitely a chap) was listed in 1985 and dates, says the list description, from around 1852. He is made of stone – too late to be Coade stone – and is ‘statant’, that is in profile with all four legs/paws on the ground. He is a handsome statue but in a particularly difficult spot to photograph, wedged between bits of road sign and advertising. He appears to be the only surviving remnant of the original Lion Brewery. His two chums to north and south, probably of concrete, are less interesting but more graphic. The brewery tower rears up behind the red-painted lion, half hidden by modern fermenters, and there are all sorts of nice details, especially the Brewery Street sign. How many Brewery Streets are there in Britain, I wonder? More research required. The same goes for the rather good pub sign on the brewery tap – how many pub signs in Britain show parts of the brewing process? To be continued…..

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