Anchored in Norwich

Week 5

Out and about in Norwich and Bury St Edmunds this week, taking photos of a couple of former brewery sites in the former, and of course Greene King in the latter. Sadly not time enough for a brewery tour – hope to do that in the nearish future – but at least had long enough to look round the little Greene King museum. Next time I visit will have to go down to the marshes below the town centre, to get a view of their whizzy distribution centre. Norwich was delightful, and East Anglian sunshine fortunately continued. Went first to what’s left of the old Crown Brewery site near the station, where the small-scale yard buildings remain, and some malt kiln tiles have beeen used to pave an outside area. The whole complex is now used by the local education authority. More exciting – and one of the first breweries I ever set eyes on – was the Anchor Brewery site north of the city centre and right down by the River Wensum. Several large structures remain, alas not the black chimney (the base only has been kept) which used to have the word Bullards in white lettering running down it. Finally to the City Hall of 1938, where some very fine bronze doors bear reliefs celebrating local history and industry. Brewing is represented by a well-formed vat. The reliefs were by the sculptor James Woodford (1893-1976). And talking of Woodforde’s, I did of course try some of their local ale. Had to settle for Nelson’s Revenge, a bit thin for my taste at 4.5, maybe next time I can locate a pint of their 5% Admiral’s Reserve. Methinks Headcracker might be too much of a good thing at 7%! This week off to London and Stoke-on-Trent, not really on brewing business but may be able to take in a photo site or two.

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