The mystery of the en rule

Week 7

This week I have been laying the foundations of the brewing book, that is setting up all the files and so on correctly. Sounds dull (it is, though also essential) but it means that when I come to start writing, I don’t have to think about publisher’s house style, it is all set up and ready to go. The house style manual in this case is 62 pages long! (I’ve seen longer.) It introduced me to the ‘en rule’ which I confess to not having heard of before. In my ignorance I thought a hyphen – like so – was what went between bits of a sentence (excuse the poor English). But no, it is an ‘en rule’, which is longer than a hyphen and can be obtained on a PC keyboard by pressing ctrl then the minus sign on the numerical keypad. Heavens. So much for this week’s learning experience. Anyway, that’s enough house style, here’s some photos from a year or so back in Nottingham, at the former Home Brewery in Daybrook. The 1950s facade has a string of lovely reliefs in cast iron by the local architectural sculptor Charles Doman (1884-1944); there are three designs, repeated several times, showing the brewing process. The building was begun in 1938 but only completed after the war. The surviving section on Mansfield Road now functions as council offices.


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