Brewed in Bristol

Week 13 Still working my way to the top of the pile of potential illustrations culled from my week or so down in Swindon, including some wonderfully detailed drawings of the brewing kit at the Stag Brewery in Pimlico – which you will have to wait until the book comes out to see, unfortunately! On … Continue reading

A Week in Wiltshire

Week 12 Spent most of last week in fog-bound Swindon rummaging about in English Heritage’s vast archives – rather like an academic form of weight training, shifting huge boxes of heavy papers and photographs all day. It was extremely useful, found lots of good stuff thanks to┬ámuch help from EH staff, and am now in … Continue reading

Newcastle Breweries Office

Week 11 Looking forward to seeing the breweries records at the National Monuments Record (English Heritage) in Swindon later this week. I’m specially keen to see their collection of aerial photographs, which come in two types, vertical and oblique. The verticals might possibly be useful (if at large enough scale) to look at the brewery … Continue reading

Sun, rain and scaffolding

Week 10 After much thumbing through lists and checking through databases, I now have a list of around 200 out of the 250 or so photographs that are going to be included in the book. While this is only an initial list – doubtless around half of these will be changed in the end – … Continue reading