Sun, rain and scaffolding

Week 10

After much thumbing through lists and checking through databases, I now have a list of around 200 out of the 250 or so photographs that are going to be included in the book. While this is only an initial list – doubtless around half of these will be changed in the end – it does serve to give some structure to the writing, and of course the captions. No point simply repeating the text in a caption, so they actually take quite a while to write. (Witty, succinct and so on…..) Armed with this list I shall be at the National Monuments Record in Swindon (English Heritage) for most of next week, although I hope to be able to take a few brewery photos during the journey. This week’s pics are from the Cliff Quay Brewery in Ipswich, and its near neighbour, the former Unicorn Brewery, both designed by William Bradford. The Unicorn is quite easy to photograph but Cliff Quay is not – here it is shown on a really gloomy day, almost raining. The other time I tried to get pics of it, the sun was shining brilliantly, but from directly behind the brewery. The ideal shot, with a big lens, would be from across the river – because of the docks, one isn’t allowed any further along the quayside on the north bank. The NMR has at least one shot like this, which I’m looking forward to seeing. At least Cliff Quay wasn’t covered in scaffolding, always a downer on any photography trip!

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