Newcastle Breweries Office

Week 11

Looking forward to seeing the breweries records at the National Monuments Record (English Heritage) in Swindon later this week. I’m specially keen to see their collection of aerial photographs, which come in two types, vertical and oblique. The verticals might possibly be useful (if at large enough scale) to look at the brewery railway system in Burton, for instance, but I think the obliques may be the best bet for book illustrations. There are some of Burton dating from the 1920s, which ought to show a fine array of chimneys, water tanks and indeed whole breweries that have since disappeared. I’m also hoping to take some photos of the remaining historic brewery locations in Swindon and Bristol, and may even nip down to London, if there’s time, to look up stuff in the British Library and the London Metropolitan Archives – the latter has the Whitbread and Barclay Perkins collections, amongst many others. But the photos this week are from something completely different, the spectacular ceramic-tiled former offices (1901) of Newcastle Breweries in Newcastle upon Tyne. The building is now used by Newcastle University, and has opened to the public annually during the last few Heritage Open Days in September. Aside from the ceramics, by the Leeds Fireclay Company (Burmantofts), there’s excellent hop-themed stained glass and an impressive boardroom. Well worth a detour…..

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