Brewed in Bristol

Week 13

Still working my way to the top of the pile of potential illustrations culled from my week or so down in Swindon, including some wonderfully detailed drawings of the brewing kit at the Stag Brewery in Pimlico – which you will have to wait until the book comes out to see, unfortunately! On the way back to Newcastle I came through Bristol, so of course took some photos of the old Jacob Street Brewery building of brewers W J Rogers. It has huge lumps of building stone and attractive round-headed windows but is not a structure which immediately says ‘brewery’. It’s only a small part of the original site, where brewing ceased in 1952. More recently brewing was the Georges/Courage site by Bristol Bridge – interesting to see just how much has now been converted to an assortment of flats, I’d say about threequarters or more of this large site is complete, with a few recognisable bits of brewery left. It was good to be down south enjoying local ales, a couple from Wickwar in Gloucestershire were really excellent. Much though I enjoy the occasional beer festival, I prefer to drink local ales locally.

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