W for Wethered’s

Week 14

Fished out of my collection of older brewing slides this week is one from the Thomas Wethered & Sons Marlow Brewery, taken in 1995 just as the site was starting to be redeveloped as housing. Brewing (then by Whitbread’s) had ceased in 1988. Just off Marlow’s desirable High Street, no wonder this was a prime site for development – the view from the upper flats in the brewhouse tower must take in the Thames to the south. There were several datestones – or datebricks in this case, I suppose – on the brewery buildings, with assorted initials, but this chunk of brickwork had the most, I presume from those members of the Wethered family around in 1879. Or perhaps all those who had been involved to date? Some datestones still remain at the site, now all housing, but as far as I can see (during later visits) this particular set has gone, and it doesn’t appear elsewhere on the web as a photo. The initials are: OPW, FAW, FOW, AMW,OHW, WPW, TAW, EAW, CEEW and RCW, the date being 6 May 1879. Shame it wasn’t retained – or maybe I’ve failed to find it. There’s certainly a b/w picture of it in the EH archives. Hope to be in Shropshire at the weekend, aiming to take pics of the grade II listed Three Tuns pub brewhouse in Bishop’s Castle.

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