Brewing the Shropshire Way

Week 15

Spent part of last week in Shropshire, walking a chunk of the Shropshire Way (more a network of paths than a single trail) running south from Bishop’s Castle. Thus I could thoroughly enjoy the products of the county’s breweries, firstly from the famous Three Tuns pub-brewhouse at Bishop’s Castle. Listed grade II, its perfect little tower was built around 1888, although brewing has been carried out on the site since the 17th century. Also a must-visit in the town – it has six pubs – was the Six Bells, another, rather younger, pub-brewery. Aside from those two, I also sampled ales from the Ludlow Brewing Company (of which more next week), Wood’s of Wistanstow, Hobson’s of Cleobury Mortimer and Salopian’s Shropshire Gold (from Shrewsbury). Then it was back to the book and more consideration of illustrations. As a coda to last week’s post (Week 14), I now find that the part of the former Wethered’s Brewery in Marlow with the multiplicity of Wethered initials has indeed been demolished, but the inscribed bricks were kept and are now at another Wethered property in the town. Still haven’t sorted out which initials are which (or whose), though (work in progress).

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