The Castle at Cockermouth

Week 18

Off to London and Essex this coming week, intending to take brewery photos but since the weather forecast is awful, it may turn into an archive trip. So before I head off, here’s a few photos from late last year of Jennings Castle Brewery, Cockermouth. It has been on this site since 1874, and doubled in size in 1886, this being partly the work of brewer’s engineer Henry Stopes (1852-1902), most famous for his influence in the hop trade. (Stopes was also responsible for the design of part of the Eagle Brewery in Colchester – now housing and offices –  which I’m hoping to take a look at in a few days.) It is easy to see why the Castle Brewery suffered so badly in the Cockermouth floods of 2009, sited as it is at the confluence of the rivers Cocker and Derwent, right below the castle. And here’s another one for the ‘Brewery Street’ collection, athough this is Brewery Lane, home of Jennings.


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