A most unlikely brewery

Week 21 Or rather, not so much that the brewery was unlikely, but that the building in its present form looks nothing like the normal brewery layout. In fact this was Alfred Eadon’s Plant Brewery in the centre of Doncaster, and when functioning had a mass of ventilation louvres on its curving exterior – now replaced by … Continue reading

Signs at random

Week 20 Here are a few more pub signs fished out from the photographic backlog, as I’m about to set off for Birmingham on a partly photo taking trip. Hope to be able to see the former M&B site on Cape Hill in Smethwick, and take a pic of the war memorial there, amongst other locations. … Continue reading

An Eagle in Essex

Week 19 The weather restricted my photography trip last week – rain sent me to the British Library rather than out in the field – but I did manage to take a few photos of the former Eagle Brewery on Colchester’s East Hill. It is mostly listed now, and used as offices and residential accommodation; … Continue reading