An Islington Cannon

Week 26 Progress on book quite good this week; now have a seven-page geographical brewery index (one of three indexes, or indices if you prefer), built up from sites I know will be illustrated. With this, and knowing a good chunk of the photography is settled, I can start work on the actual text – … Continue reading

Sadly Springfield

Week 25 Final photos from the Springfield Brewery site in Wolverhampton this week, before a selection of London pics from my recent trip to follow. Such a sad sight, and still quite a few buildings – or chunks thereof – surviving, even after fire and long-delayed development. Curious that on an almost next-door plot high-rise … Continue reading

A gateway to the past?

Week 24 Back from London, where the weather was not nearly as bad as predicted – think I passed it going south as the thunderclouds headed north. A lovely Saturday afternoon for photography, walked around the St John Street area – Islington, Camden, City – then into Tower Hamlets for Truman in Spitalfields. Some parts … Continue reading

A ghost in Wolverhampton

Week 23 Now for some more photos from my recent trip to the West Midlands, particularly the former Springfield Brewery site in Wolverhampton. This has been the subject of what seems an endless series of redevelopment proposals, but not a great deal has happened, as we shall see over the next few weeks. I began … Continue reading

Combe’s in Covent Garden

Week 22 I wonder how many of the crowds thronging Covent Garden’s Shelton Street realise that they are walking through a former brewery – if not quite through its yard (a private but visible space) – then certainly along roads lined with brewery buildings. Indeed the cellars of Belgian brew/food specialists Belgo are probably part … Continue reading