A gateway to the past?

Week 24

Back from London, where the weather was not nearly as bad as predicted – think I passed it going south as the thunderclouds headed north. A lovely Saturday afternoon for photography, walked around the St John Street area – Islington, Camden, City – then into Tower Hamlets for Truman in Spitalfields. Some parts very quiet, typical London Saturday, other achingly trendy areas packed with people. So lots of photos to come, but this blog and next will finish off my Springfield Wolverhampton set, this week with some shots of the excellent ironwork on the listed gateway. Also, looking back across the road on to another part of the Springfield site, is a sad reminder of just how long these sites sometimes take to redevelop, a large advertising poster of what was – by now – meant to be new housing, and by the looks of it a new way of life. There is new build all around now, but not on this plot. A look inside the site (from the gates) next week.


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