An Islington Cannon

Week 26

Progress on book quite good this week; now have a seven-page geographical brewery index (one of three indexes, or indices if you prefer), built up from sites I know will be illustrated. With this, and knowing a good chunk of the photography is settled, I can start work on the actual text – although not of course at the beginning. Introductory material usually gets left until the end of the process, for obvious reasons – sometimes what one writes turns out to be completely different from the original idea. While I’m musing on exactly where to start (probably with the brewing process), here are some photos of the old Cannon Brewery in London’s St John Street. Built about 1893 and designed by William Bradford & Sons, the building is grade II listed and has some fine lettering topping the facade. Taylor Walker bought the brewery in 1930, although brewing continued until 1955 before the buildings – there is a huge range to the rear – were converted for use as a distillery and bonded warehouse. It is all housing and offices now, as we shall see next week when I’ll show what lies beyond the impressively large black gates to the yard.

One Response to “An Islington Cannon”
  1. johnnyhomer says:

    Lovely blog about a building I know very well. I was born and bred in EC1 so know the area intimately. However I must take issue with the headlng ‘Islington’ Cannon. Perhaps Clerkenwell Cannon might have been a better option, as this building has always been in the area of Clerkenwell and for most of its working life in the old parish of Clerkenwell. This area became part of the old London Borough of Finsbury, a poor but famously radical area of the mighty metropolis in 1900. It only became part of the London Borough of Islington in 1965 and hasn’t been the same since. As I am sometimes fond of proclaiming: Altiora petimus.

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