An Olympic brewery

Week 29

The Olympic Torch visited Newcastle on 15 June 2012, and the Torch Relay route ran (sorry) past the former Robert Deuchar’s Sandyford Brewery – on the north-east edge of the city centre, almost in Jesmond. The 1904 offices, with a nice archway, is all that’s left of the brewery, and my second photo shows 19-year-old rugby league player Mark Stockman carrying the Torch past the brewery, where beer was last brewed in 1961. The company became part of Newcastle Breweries. As to the book, now working on the history of the legislative framework in the brewing industry, and looking to find medieval brewery illustrations. There’s a nice 15th century stained glass window in Tournai Cathedral – Belgium, but very close to the French border – that shows brewers at work. Not too sure if it should feature in a book on English breweries, but such a nice image, it is very tempting. Off down south at the end of the week, hopefully to take more brewery photos and perhaps get to Southwick Brewhouse-cum-Museum in Hampshire.


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