A very heaven of beer

Week 30

At last I have seen Southwick Brewhouse in Hampshire, an historic brewhouse-now-museum with great examples of old brewing kit; to cap it all, its current function is a bottled (and other) beer shop, so heaven couldn’t get much better! I took a train down from London to near Portsmouth, then had to get a taxi up the hill to Southwick, where the last bus ran some years ago. I had wondered about hiring a bike to get there, but seeing several young fit chaps on racing bikes using the hill as a training run, was glad I hadn’t (would probably still be out there somewhere….). There’s a fantastic view from the top of the ridge, both back over inland Hampshire and out to the Isle of Wight. I spent quite some time taking photos of all the kit, and the huge boiler and steam engine, then had a look round the village. The pub to which the brewhouse is attached (see photo) is the Golden Lion, where Eisenhower was served a pint – brewed in the brewhouse of course – before the D-Day landings; the HQ was nearby. Then back down the hill – regretting having only a tiny rucksack, so without any beer (promised to bring a large truck next time!) – and the train to London, where fortunately the weather was good for photos all weekend.

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