The Brewers’ House, Brussels

Week 36 Getting ahead of myself as busy week next week, by looking back to last weekend (if you see what I mean) in Brussels, where there are no less than three brewery museums. The first, in the Grand Place, is the splendid Maison des Brasseurs, the HQ of their Brewers’ Guild, where great ceremonies … Continue reading

Burton’s strong foundation

Week  35 Heading through London last weekend I walked along the brand new Kings Boulevard that now links St Pancras Station to the old goods yards to the north, partly now known as Granary Square and looking like a splendid bit of redevelopment. The boulevard runs north-east from beside the German Gym, and is lined … Continue reading

The question of stained glass

Week 34 An early update, as I’m off to foreign parts shortly, for a brief trip that I hope will include photography of some brewery-related stained glass. One location is ecclesiastical, the others not, which brings me to the question of the week: how come there is so little stained glass (any age) in British … Continue reading

Whitechapel to Mile End

Week 33 And as we all get over our Olympic hangovers, here’s a few more pics from London, this time along the Whitechapel Road (which turns into the Mile End Road). Firstly what’s left of the former Mann, Crossman & Paulin’s Albion Brewery, which closed in 1979. Most of the site was demolished and is … Continue reading

On Hampstead High Street

Week 32 Can’t think how many times I may have walked past this archway on Hampstead High Street and not turned down through the narrow passageway to see the former brewery to the rear, which is a very fine structure in yellow London stock brick but – unlike the street frontage – unlisted. Thus, last … Continue reading

Of lions and a ram

Week 31 This week I have been deep in the archaeological entrails of brewing, feeling a little like a guest at a party whose purpose has not been revealed. It appears that the traditional archaeologists and the modern experimental archaeologists have distinctly different views about how their subject should be studied – and apologies to … Continue reading