Burton’s strong foundation

Week  35

Heading through London last weekend I walked along the brand new Kings Boulevard that now links St Pancras Station to the old goods yards to the north, partly now known as Granary Square and looking like a splendid bit of redevelopment. The boulevard runs north-east from beside the German Gym, and is lined with posh hoardings at present hiding great building works. The hoardings display a potted history of the Kings Cross area, including the matter of the foundations of St Pancras trainshed being on a scale to accommodate Burton casks. I was never too sure that this wasn’t apocryphal, but the hoardings are convinced – see the text in the photo – and show a lovely engraving of the trainshed and the columns. This begs a nice copyright question – the illustration comes from the National Railway Museum, but since I was standing in what appears to be (but may not of course be these days) a public place, this is what might be called a legal photo. The columns of course are still extant, and may be seen most clearly in the Eurostar area of the bottom floor of St Pancras. Just imagine it full of beer…….


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