A beer in Bamberg

Week 39 For our photos this week, on to Franconia, in southern Germany, and in particular the city of Bamberg, well known to beer lovers for its multiplicity of brewhouse-taverns and the local smoked beer (rauchbier), which turned out to have a surprisingly mellow flavour. The old part of the city is a UNESCO world … Continue reading

The Cantillon Brewery Gueuze Museum

Week 38 Picture-wise we are still in Brussels this week, with souvenirs from my recent trip around the Cantillon Brewery-Museum. A fascinating array of brewing kit, although personally the resulting brew wouldn’t be my favourite beer. However, there were lots of people looking around, which was great to see. As to the brewing book, now … Continue reading

Beer around Brussels

Week 37 Back from Franconia (photos to come in future weeks, including the brewery museum in Bamberg) but still catching up with beery pics from Brussels. Here’s a few taken en route from the Brewers’ House in the Grand Place to the Cantillon Brewery-cum-museum. A splendid shop window display of local and other brews, and … Continue reading