Beer around Brussels

Week 37

Back from Franconia (photos to come in future weeks, including the brewery museum in Bamberg) but still catching up with beery pics from Brussels. Here’s a few taken en route from the Brewers’ House in the Grand Place to the Cantillon Brewery-cum-museum. A splendid shop window display of local and other brews, and an old beer advert in great large-scale ceramics. On the Rue des Bogards is a mural by French cartoonists Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian, part of the Brussels 2009 comic strip trail – which naturally includes much Tintin (and Snowy) – this is a tavern scene from their Franco-Belgian Monsieur Jean series. Next time, shots from inside the Cantillon, externally a rather unbrewery-looking brewery. Meanwhile back at the book, finalising illustrations and in the process of fixing up a trip to the National Brewery Centre archives – hardly any time to actually write……

One Response to “Beer around Brussels”
  1. look forward to photos of the brewery museum in Bamberg!

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