Autumn sunshine in Sussex

Week 44 Now that the clocks have gone back and it’s dark at 5 pm – thus nothing to do but write until it is the beer hour, no skiving off by ambling out with the dog! – I thought we might retrace our steps a month or so and enjoy the sunshine in Lewes, where … Continue reading

And finally zum Uerige

Week 43 So finally we reach the end of this brief brewery tour around Germany, with a visit to zum Uerige in Dusseldorf, which has been brewing since 1862 but of course its splendid building is a product of postwar rebuilding. As usual in Dusseldorf the beer comes straight from the wood in small glasses, … Continue reading

Now to Dusseldorf

Week 42 As promised, here we are in Dusseldorf, specifically at the Brauerei zum Schlussel in the Old Town (Altstadt), which is jokingly known as the longest bar in Europe – did of course remind me of Newcastle’s Bigg Market (no breweries there though). Dusseldorf was an accidental destination but turned out to be excellent … Continue reading

And yet another museum in Franconia……

Week 41 As I’m off to the National Brewery Centre tomorrow, our pictures this week continue to retrace my steps around southern Germany, in fact Franconia. Not content with seeing one (very wonderful) brewery museum, in Bamberg, shortly afterwards I came across another, or to be precise an open air museum that included at least … Continue reading

Inside the Franconian Brewery Museum

Week 40 Here we are again in Bamberg, southern Germany, and as promised we have the photos of the Franconian Brewery Museum. It is not open every day – something like Wednesday to Saturday, mainly afternoons, but do check – and has a tardis (Tardis?)-like interior. One descends through a series of levels until the … Continue reading