And yet another museum in Franconia……

Week 41

As I’m off to the National Brewery Centre tomorrow, our pictures this week continue to retrace my steps around southern Germany, in fact Franconia. Not content with seeing one (very wonderful) brewery museum, in Bamberg, shortly afterwards I came across another, or to be precise an open air museum that included at least one brewhouse. This was the Frankisches Freilandmuseum at Bad Windsheim, set in lovely rolling countryside about 40 kms west of Nuremberg. It is a huge site with about a hundred old buildings rebuilt there, including the brewhouse (on right of bottom photo) where a microbrewery currently brews. On a Sunday in late summer the whole site was packed with mainly locals (I think) enjoying a few beers or three at the various ancient beerhouses. Not me, though, as I had to pedal off westward to my destination for the night, and the end of the cycling trip. But not the end of brewery-hunting in Germany; next week, the delights of Dusseldorf.

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