Now to Dusseldorf

Week 42

As promised, here we are in Dusseldorf, specifically at the Brauerei zum Schlussel in the Old Town (Altstadt), which is jokingly known as the longest bar in Europe – did of course remind me of Newcastle’s Bigg Market (no breweries there though). Dusseldorf was an accidental destination but turned out to be excellent brewery-wise, with a huge array of brewpubs in the centre. All look splendidly medieval, but of course were built from the 1950s onward, the city having been more or less flattened in the war. The beer, generally one per pub, is served in small measures (usually from a cask on the bar) by waiters who whizz around with trays full of glasses, inside the pub and out to the tables in the packed street. The pubs are exceedingly decorative (as we shall see next week at zum Uerige) and sometimes the brewery itself is visible, like at the back of zum Schlussel. Nice tiling and stained glass there too…..enjoy.

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