And finally zum Uerige

Week 43

So finally we reach the end of this brief brewery tour around Germany, with a visit to zum Uerige in Dusseldorf, which has been brewing since 1862 but of course its splendid building is a product of postwar rebuilding. As usual in Dusseldorf the beer comes straight from the wood in small glasses, served by the infamous ever-so-slightly-scary waiters – who were perfectly nice when I was there, letting me wander around and take photos as I pleased. The internal decoration is fantastic, with some great stained glass, particularly in the room named after a local author, Hans Muller-Schlosser (warning – missing accents!). In the Brauhof there’s a big tiled mural and some entertaining sculptures, there’s some excellent carved woodwork in the main bar, and more besides. So, Europe has been lovely (and educational), but it is back to Britain next week and down to writing. Now part way through the third chapter of the book, with the first two done and most illustrations sorted; you can write quickly if need be, but you can’t source illustrations quickly!


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