Autumn sunshine in Sussex

Week 44

Now that the clocks have gone back and it’s dark at 5 pm – thus nothing to do but write until it is the beer hour, no skiving off by ambling out with the dog! – I thought we might retrace our steps a month or so and enjoy the sunshine in Lewes, where Harveys Brewery nestles at the bottom of a deep valley. Not only is Lewes on a massive hill, it is surrounded by the lovely rolling hills of the South Downs. It all makes for some very picturesque views of the brewery, especially in the early evening sunshine. The beer in the brewery tap is equally splendid, most of it drawn from the cask. Nice. So, back to the writing, part way through the third chapter and still on course. The illustrations are now mostly in and look fantastic. On with the good work….. no escape now until Swindon in late September!


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