Week 48 Well, it’s not quite number¬†48 yet, but it will be a busy week next week so I’m getting ahead of myself. So here for your amusement is a postcard –¬†bought from ebay – which maybe dates from early 20th century and shows a chap, horse and not exactly a cart, but something he … Continue reading

Alnwick’s High Brewery

Week 47 This week we are in sunny Northumberland (yes it really was!), in the charming market town of Alnwick – in fact opposite the bus station, where we get a good view of the current non-redevelopment of Alnwick Brewery. It seems to have stalled at the end of 2009, and not yet got going … Continue reading

Brauerei Thier Dortmund

Week 46 This jolly, if somewhat intimidating chap in the clogs is advertising the Brauerei Thier in Dortmund. The postcard, a trade card, was sent in 1909 from Dortmund to London, perhaps by a rep contacting a potential buyer. Aside from being in German, which I should be able to cope with, the card’s text … Continue reading

A brewery in the garden

Week 45 Now for some photos from my last awayday, over in Kendal in the heart of the Lakes. This is the former Whitwell Marks Brewery on Highgate, the town’s main street. The Georgian town house (1757) is one of the few extant reminders of how Georgian brewers used to live right next to their … Continue reading