A brewery in the garden

Week 45

Now for some photos from my last awayday, over in Kendal in the heart of the Lakes. This is the former Whitwell Marks Brewery on Highgate, the town’s main street. The Georgian town house (1757) is one of the few extant reminders of how Georgian brewers used to live right next to their breweries; in this case, the brewery to the rear was rebuilt in the 1850s (with, I think, some later alterations). It was taken over by Vaux of Sunderland in the late 1940s and closed in 1968, although the offices were in use until 1971. After that, in an early example of conversion to new use, the brewery buildings were transformed into the Brewery Arts Centre, while the town house became a youth hostel. Today the buildings retain their brewery look, and in the Vat Bar are a few halved vats used as seating. The rather lovely gardens are the last remaining on Highgate. All in all, very much worth a detour – as if one needed an excuse!


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