Brauerei Thier Dortmund

Week 46

This jolly, if somewhat intimidating chap in the clogs is advertising the Brauerei Thier in Dortmund. The postcard, a trade card, was sent in 1909 from Dortmund to London, perhaps by a rep contacting a potential buyer. Aside from being in German, which I should be able to cope with, the card’s text is in such formal italics that it is almost unreadable. Anyway, turns out the brewery was founded in 1854 by three Dortmunders as the Brauerei von Hovel, Thier & Co (says wikipedia….). The Thier family took control in 1875 and they seems to have carried on brewing until being taken over by DAB in 1996. Their huge postwar HQ is now a shopping mall. What’s more interesting about the card is that it has ‘Architekten Steinbach & Lutter Dortmund’ down the side. They were Hugo Steinbach and Paul Lutter, who did several factories, but the only list of works that I can find doesn’t mention the Thier brewery; however, if they were named on the card, surely they must have been responsible – and is it the brewery we see in the background of the card? Lots of chimneys, so maybe. Rather a sweet card in any case. Back at the breweries book, chapter 3 now done, and small gap while I work on my presentation for the Victorian Society the week after next. Have just ordered up a very long list of stuff I need to see at EH Archive Swindon the same week, a nice change from writing of course!


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