Alnwick’s High Brewery

Week 47

This week we are in sunny Northumberland (yes it really was!), in the charming market town of Alnwick – in fact opposite the bus station, where we get a good view of the current non-redevelopment of Alnwick Brewery. It seems to have stalled at the end of 2009, and not yet got going again; there’s supposed to be an atrium in the middle. It is an attractive set of buildings, although hard to say how old all the sections are as much has been damaged by fire then rebuilt, and there have been demolitions. When the site was listed in 1977 it had several early 19th century structures, but the malthouse is probably the only one remaining – thus the name of the development. The company stopped brewing in 1963 and ceased trading in 1986. Despite its chequered history, it is still very brewery-like, and a tremendous shame that the building work has got stuck. Back at my desk, my Vic Soc presentation for next week now complete (all 128MB of it) and chapter 4 resumes……

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