Week 48

Well, it’s not quite number 48 yet, but it will be a busy week next week so I’m getting ahead of myself. So here for your amusement is a postcard – bought from ebay – which maybe dates from early 20th century and shows a chap, horse and not exactly a cart, but something he can load a cask on to. But is it a cask of beer? I’d hoped the card would have some clue as to brewery – sometimes the horse brasses have the brewery logo, for instance – but in this case it seems to be totally anonymous. But if not beer, then what? Could be water, hardly milk – and it looks as though there might be a tap hidden under the cloth on top. Can’t really see any other clues as to what the scene is, or where it is. Delivering beer from brewery to very nearby pub maybe? Also, I wonder how they got the cask off the wagon (for want of a better word). Anyway, time now to get on with chapter 4, which is in many ways the heart of the book about planning the brewery, and the architects concerned with the industry. Currently chasing a photo of William Bradford, which would be cool. The longest chapter. Heard on radio 4 yesterday a quote from Philip Roth: ‘The road to hell is paved with works in progress.’ Oh dear!

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