Happy New Beer

Week 53 A cheery beer for the new year above, and an ebay postcard below, one of several copies of this ‘Siege of Sidney Street’ card that’s been around lately. It does show the louvre ventilation openings rather nicely. The siege happened in 1911, when the killers of three policemen were traced to a flat … Continue reading

Bass in Belgium

Week 52 Well, 52 weeks, rather more in fact, have passed since this blog began and still we have no completed book – but worry not, it is half done and the due date has now been moved to late spring 2013. This means I still have time to take the dogs out and lead … Continue reading

Magnificent Mistley

Week 51 Still ploughing through chapter 4 (yes that is a maltings pun) with nose to grindstone (ditto, brewing) – that’s enough puns – so here’s my other maltings photos, taken a few years back on a trip to Mistley in Essex. Must have been just before the advent of the digital camera (mine, anyway) … Continue reading

In sunny Suffolk

Week 50 Since the outside world is currently covered in ice (the dog is not best pleased), what better to do than update the blog. Here’s a few pics of sunnier times in Ipswich on the impressive quayside, looking particularly at maltings, as I am writing a small section on them at the moment. One can … Continue reading

The curse of scaffolding strikes again!

Week 49 Back from London/Swindon/Lewes with a huge virtual mound of potential illustrations to go through. Survived trial by lecture at the Vic Soc, a very keen and interested audience fortunately, and the projection facilities were excellent (a rare thing). Saw some lovely new acquisitions at EH in Swindon, then a couple of days in … Continue reading