The curse of scaffolding strikes again!

Week 49

Back from London/Swindon/Lewes with a huge virtual mound of potential illustrations to go through. Survived trial by lecture at the Vic Soc, a very keen and interested audience fortunately, and the projection facilities were excellent (a rare thing). Saw some lovely new acquisitions at EH in Swindon, then a couple of days in Lewes with evenings at what rapidly seems to be becoming my local, across the road from the brewery. Also managed to pick up a few extra London shots, but the curse of scaffolding struck again in Southwark, where I was looking for the Hop Workers’ Great War memorial. Wandered around for ages, although I knew where it should have been, until I spied it half-hidden under dense scaffolding. At least I could get a bit of a picture, although obviously unpublishable. The memorial’s designer, Omar Ramsden (1873-1939), was a Sheffield-born silversmith who had a studio in Chelsea and a large workshop in Fulham, where he employed up to 20 men (so didn’t necessarily ‘me fecit’ as his mark says – more detail on him in the DNB online). Away from the book, have just put up Christmas tree and now have to locate the lights……

hops (9)

hops (7)

hops (6)

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