Magnificent Mistley

Week 51

Still ploughing through chapter 4 (yes that is a maltings pun) with nose to grindstone (ditto, brewing) – that’s enough puns – so here’s my other maltings photos, taken a few years back on a trip to Mistley in Essex. Must have been just before the advent of the digital camera (mine, anyway) as I’ve scanned these pics from slides, which explains their dreadful quality and the presence of the odd dog hair. Sorry. The Free, Rodwell maltings were mostly built around the turn of the century, the last one being completed in 1904. Although converted and somewhat diminished, they are still a hugely impressive sight (and site). I have yet to visit the Bass Sleaford maltings, the largest remaining area of maltings, but hope to do so early next year. As to the book, progress is good, despite my deciding to massively rearrange the entire chapter; still not quite sure which way round works better, but as with most things like this, probably nobody will notice in the end either way. Currently writing about brewers’ architect William Bradford – still don’t know why he didn’t merit a DNB entry. With luck he will after this book comes out!






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