Happy New Beer

Week 53

A cheery beer for the new year above, and an ebay postcard below, one of several copies of this ‘Siege of Sidney Street’ card that’s been around lately. It does show the louvre ventilation openings rather nicely. The siege happened in 1911, when the killers of three policemen were traced to a flat in Sidney Street, which runs south from the Mann, Crossman, Paulin Albion Brewery. Must say I didn’t see how shots could have been fired from the brewery into Sidney Street, too far away, but a website on east London postcards had the answer – in the late 19th century the brewery built a bottling plant on the south side of Whitechapel Road (on the former workhouse site), in Ravens Row. The bottling plant was much nearer to Sidney Street and had a water tower, and that’s where the Scots Guards were firing from. (I suppose the postcard photo must have been staged.) Have been plodding on with the book text over Christmas, and am almost at the end of chapter 4 – my reward is then to go through it and add all the brewery names mentioned to the list for the index, lovely! But at least I don’t have to do the actual index, that’s the publisher’s responsibility, which is wonderful. If you’ve never indexed a book, you won’t know the grim tedium. Chanced upon a wonderful fact for a footnote yesterday, if it gets past the editors: the huge 1979 Whitbread (now AB InBev UK) Magor Brewery in south Wales was used in a 2006 episode of Dr Who to stand in (as a location) for the cyber-conversion factory where the Cybermen were made! Must be something about those cylindroconical fermenters…… Anyway, a Happy New Year to all, and good wishes for all those splendid beers to come during 2013.


Sidney Street Albion Brewery postcard LFP


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