Only here for the beer

Week 54

To continue the New Year cheer, here’s an irresistible comic card which immediately says ‘brewery’ – must be those towers and chimneys. The artist was Rollo Paterson (1892-1978), Scottish but born in Australia, a dedicated painted who designed comic and other cards to make himself enough money to carry on painting. He worked under various names, doing the cards mainly in the 1920s and 1930s. He has several works in British collections, but eventually he fetched up in Malaga, where his paintings are hugely popular and there’s even a society devoted to appreciating them. And below is the brewery quiz question, another photo picked up from ebay, and probably relating to the bottle-making firm Barnett & Foster. The photo was probably taken in south London, near Rotherhithe, where the Trinity Wharf truck was based, maybe in the late 1950s. The ‘Red Club Works’ on the sign, I know nothing of, but this probably isn’t a brewery yard. Back at the book, now on to chapter five, about brewing kit and its makers, about to write on the subject of coppersmiths. Onward…..

brewery comic card

Barnett Foster

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