A brewery on the mat

Week 55

Half way through the chapter on brewers’ engineers and their manufactures – have sorted out the history of the various Pontifex firms, as best I can, and looked at all the other big firms – Briggs, Worssam and so on; just have to look at what they made now – coppers, mash tuns and the like. Should finish that chapter this week. Pics this time are of a pretty beer mat from Wethered’s of Marlow, where brewing ceased in 1988 so this mat must be maybe 1970s. Unusually, not only does it show the brewery, quite a rare thing with beer mats, more often one gets the logo or some collectable series, but it depicts the brewery in quite accurate detail, right down (or rather up) to the water tanks. Wish there were more like it. In fact there’s quite a bit left of Wethered’s, now turned into housing, the brewhouse tower is specially nice; although some of the bricks with the various Wethered initials have gone. Back to work…..



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