Where they stored our beer

Week 61 Most of my time in the last few days seems to have been taken up with staring at maps of railways – I have a splendidly nerdy and very useful historical atlas of London railways, amongst other things. This is all connected with the chapter on Burton, for of course the Burton brewers, … Continue reading

Above the Anchor

Week 60 Now plodding on through chapter 7, all about development of Burton – finding out a bit more about the brewing town’s earliest architects has been fascinating, and today just acquired an unusual postcard showing one of the lesser-known breweries, so am happy bunny (or similar). Last week was briefly in London and went … Continue reading

One of our elephants is missing….

Week 59 Celebrations all round, the book is 75% complete! So on to the final three chapters, firstly one on Burton, for which I am currently trying to find a copyright-free historical map. Might as well be looking for an elephant in Camden – which brings me to this week’s pics, of the Elephant House, … Continue reading

London old, London new

Week 58 Back from a flying visit to the British Library at the weekend, amongst other things delving further into the Pontifex family of coppersmiths, who were very dominant in the plant production scene in London in early to mid Victorian times. Thanks to a splendid piece of family history research found in the BL, … Continue reading