Above the Anchor

Week 60

Now plodding on through chapter 7, all about development of Burton – finding out a bit more about the brewing town’s earliest architects has been fascinating, and today just acquired an unusual postcard showing one of the lesser-known breweries, so am happy bunny (or similar). Last week was briefly in London and went up the Shard, booked in advance so complete pot luck with the weather, which turned out to be, er, not quite what it might have been. But could see from Canary Wharf in east to Houses of Parliament in west – better than being in total cloud which does of course happen! And right down below me (it is just like standing on a huge map) was the former Courage’s Anchor Brewery, now – after whizzy conversion a while back – the Anchor Brewhouse (residential). You can see it just to right of Tower Bridge. Also can see it on the mini-screens that Shard helpfully provide for the poor souls who have the bad luck to get zero view when they go up. It was so exciting up there that someone climbed up the hard way to join us….

shard (18)

shard (9)

shard (16)

shard (7)

2 Responses to “Above the Anchor”
  1. Linda Wilke Heil says:

    Wow… LOVE the photos!

  2. The Shard pics look great. Still debating whether to pay up!

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