That really is a microbrewery!

Week 65 And a momentous week it is too – well, for me anyway. The text of the book was completed at 9.05am on Friday 29th March 2013. Of course, there is a lot more to a book than just text, but text is the one thing you can’t do without. It will be altered … Continue reading

Down in Dorchester

Week 64 It was really interesting to see what was going on at the former Eldridge Pope Dorchester Brewery – would have been good to have a sunnier day for photos, but at least it was mellow mistiness rather than pouring rain, typical Hardy Country weather. There’s a lot of information available online about the … Continue reading

A mysterious window in Bridport

Week 63 Back from trip to wet Wessex with hundreds of photos, despite what did indeed turn out to be a pretty damp few days in Hardy (the author not the brewers…) country, but with misty low clouds rather than pouring rain so photography was just about possible. Dorset itself was delightful – turned out … Continue reading

Demolition days

Week 62 While looking back through my slides this week came across these images of Wethered’s Brewery at Marlow being demolished, probably taken about 1990. The brewhouse and some other structures remained, and were turned into residential accomodation, the flatsĀ in the brewhouse tower being the most expensive, with a view across town and Thames. Had … Continue reading