Demolition days

Week 62

While looking back through my slides this week came across these images of Wethered’s Brewery at Marlow being demolished, probably taken about 1990. The brewhouse and some other structures remained, and were turned into residential accomodation, the flats in the brewhouse tower being the most expensive, with a view across town and Thames. Had to scan the slides, which accounts for poor quality images – and since they were taken over two decades ago, the actual slides have started to deteriorate. Wonder how my current digital images will be looking in c25 years time?! Just a note from last week’s blog – the Newcastle beer stores are indeed intact, on Pottery Lane, with a large car park above in the space formerly occupied by the Forth Banks goods station. The photo I took is so dreary I’ll not upload it, but was good to see stores extant. If you look online there are shots of urban explorers inside the vaults, which are extensive, to put it mildly. Currently getting set for trip down south tomorrow onwards, Bridport, Dorchester and London – the weather forecast is a shocker so looks like will have to take arty grainy night-time photos of new developments at Eldridge Pope, all rainy reflections(!). The new buildings look really interesting. Nice to get away from book writing for a while, but now cracking on through penultimate chapter. Of course when I do finish the text I then have to do 300+ captions……

marlow dem2

marlow dem1

marlow dem3

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