A mysterious window in Bridport

Week 63

Back from trip to wet Wessex with hundreds of photos, despite what did indeed turn out to be a pretty damp few days in Hardy (the author not the brewers…) country, but with misty low clouds rather than pouring rain so photography was just about possible. Dorset itself was delightful – turned out I was staying almost next door to a Ringwood’s pub in Dorchester, which was a nice surprise. First task was to take pics of the waterwheel and barrel finials at Palmer’s in Bridport, nearly an hour’s bus ride from Dorchester. The thatched roofs and barrels I show here, along with a downpipe from the same building marked H Sprake 1833. Just up the road from the brewery is St Mary’s Church, and one window has a definite suggestion of a brewing connection – barley sheaf and hops – but I’ve no further information on this yet. Inscriptions on the window didn’t help, so it remains a mystery for the moment. And almost back in the centre of town was the Electric Cinema, a gift to the town from Palmer’s in the 1920s, when it began life as an opera house; Palmer’s wanted to see opera put on in Bridport. It is now a thriving and rather lovely cinema, as in the foyer is a whole set of 1930s murals. More from the West Country next time, exciting developments in Dorchester!

Palmers (29)

Palmers (26)

st mary (2)

Electric (27)

Electric (20)


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