Down in Dorchester

Week 64

It was really interesting to see what was going on at the former Eldridge Pope Dorchester Brewery – would have been good to have a sunnier day for photos, but at least it was mellow mistiness rather than pouring rain, typical Hardy Country weather. There’s a lot of information available online about the Brewery Square redevelopment plans, which are massive. What’s happened thus far is that a new Premier Inn is up and about to open; some of the lovely polychromatic brick offices on the main road have reopened as various retail units; there’s a new cinema next to an unusual new structure (it has what you might call a steel exoskeleton) and within that is one of the huge ceramic EP signs; a copper (inevitably) has been restored and will have pride of place in a new square; a bronze larger-than-life sized statue of a dray horse has been commissioned and is to stand in the cinema square off the main road; the main brewery building is to be a luxury hotel (it was a 1920s replacement for the original brewhouse – wonder if that late date helps with reconstruction?); and the maltings is to be an arts centre. So of the restored bits, only some of the offices are complete and in use, but from the outside it does look good. The lighting on the brickwork at night brings out the detail very well. I’ve not been inside any of the restored sections yet, but what you can see from outside looks fine so far. Not sure what the large tank was that’s carefully placed in front of Carluccio’s. Of course it is still one huge building site, but definitely worth a look. More pics from this trip next week. And good news on the book front – chapter 8 completed, so just one more to go!

Pope (20)

Pope (19)

Pope (14)

Pope (7)

Pope (4)

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