Shopping at the museum

Week 69 Realised I hadn’t quite finished off the Hertford pics, so here’s what the Old Brewery now looks like, in its new role as a backdrop to Sainsbury’s. McMullen’s, of course, still brew in Hertford, but not in this brewhouse, which has been renovated as part of the redevelopment and now awaits new tenants, … Continue reading

Big barleycorns

Week 68 And on we plod through the captions, just reached number 200 out of 316 – seems like a minor landmark. It is a process not without interest, as photos reveal things previously unnoticed, and when the pics are put together with the text the result should look fantastic. Still, I shall be quite … Continue reading

What happened to the brewhouse?

Week 67 This week some pictures from Leeds, where the old Tetley’s site came as something of a surprise. It is so difficult keeping an eye on what’s happening with site redevelopments when they are not on your doorstep, and I’d read that the older part of Tetley’s, including the original brewhouse, was being kept … Continue reading

Good stabling and motor pit

Week 66 Captions, captions, captions – just done number 40 out of 315. Need to keep churning them out at 15 a day for three weeks to get done. The trick is to provide added value, not duplicate what’s in the text, not be too verbose, while being as accurate as I was while writing … Continue reading