Good stabling and motor pit

Week 66

Captions, captions, captions – just done number 40 out of 315. Need to keep churning them out at 15 a day for three weeks to get done. The trick is to provide added value, not duplicate what’s in the text, not be too verbose, while being as accurate as I was while writing the chapter (sounds rather like Just a Minute….); and not possible to write them as you go along as one tends to change where they are during writing. However, I get a break this weekend as nip off to London via Leeds to take the last couple of photos for the book – is Leeds still engulfed in snow I wonder? Meanwhile, back in Hertford a few weeks ago, the pics show various interesting brewery-related oddments from around the town: a fantastic bit of terracotta work on a former pub (all you could ask for is good stabling and a motor pit after all!), magnificent gatepost at the brewery yard, and the ornate brewery offices, which for some reason one doesn’t often see in a photo. Next week, the brewery (and of course Sainsbury’s).

Hertford (70)

Hertford (69)

Hertford (9)

Hertford amended

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