Big barleycorns

Week 68

And on we plod through the captions, just reached number 200 out of 316 – seems like a minor landmark. It is a process not without interest, as photos reveal things previously unnoticed, and when the pics are put together with the text the result should look fantastic. Still, I shall be quite pleased when I knock off the next hundred (and 16). A few photos today from my Leeds trip; at the former Tetley’s visitor centre, now Brewery Wharf housing development, is an entertaining piece of brewery-themed public art, called Steeped Vessels. The bronze and stainless steel sculpture is 6 metres high, with various barley grains scattered around as seating. The main chunk combines boat shapes (the site is next to the canal) with barleycorns. The sculptor was Ian Randall and it cost the property developers £150,000. Something similar, in that it is a massive barley-themed piece, can be found in Cheltenham, at the entrance to what is now The Brewery shopping etc complex (was the Cheltenham Original Brewery – one malthouse facade has been kept). Sculptor in this case was Sophie Marsham, and her piece is also 6 metres high, steel and copper. So in neither case do we have any visual references to actual brewing. Back in the centre of Leeds, in Dortmund Square (currently being repaved) is a statue with more direct relation to the brewing industry, the Dortmund Drayman, presented by the people of that German city (twinned with Leeds) to mark several years of co-operation between the two. There’s a similar statue in the middle of Dortmund. I rather like the little drayman, and may go back and get a decent photo of him when his new square is complete. Meanwhile, on to caption 201.

brewery wharf (6)

brewery wharf (3)

drayman (13)


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