Round squares

Week 70

Seventy weeks and the book is good to go! (To meet its maker, as it were……) Well, a few possible amendments aside, it is ready, and that includes adding in where all the illustrations should go and cross-referencing them in the text, and sorting out all the letters of permission, that is making the figure number match the right ref. Even that last task took an entire (rather unexciting) day. These things have to be done, as do the next lot: re-scanning all the photos, postcards etc that I’m contributing, to get better images, and converting everything to the format required, and not least labelling them all (all 323 pics). And finally comes printing – unlike the last book I did, I have to submit a hard copy, double spaced so huge number of pages, with two lots of printouts of the illustrations. I think printing alone might take a week; I’m just about to start the scanning and messing about with images. Only 30 days til deadline day, the 31st. Meanwhile, a few pics from my last trip out to Masham in North Yorkshire, the original brewing kit at the Black Sheep Brewery. That’s the lovely shiny copper (also mash tun and underback) in the top photo; below that are the new Yorkshire squares recently added (yes, they are round, great to see open fermenters), and finally a view of the new brewhouse from where visitors start their tour. Tthe new equipment is quite a few sizes up from the original (which is still in use). Now, I must spend a little more time with my scanner……

Black Sheep (17)

Black Sheep (24)

Black Sheep (5)

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