No it’s not a brewery

Week 71

Well, the book is finished – did the last amendments yesterday – but I am not yet finished with it. Now for the printing. I’m not used to having to provide hard copy; the last book I did was all digital, as have been the last few articles. Just guessing, but I think maybe about a thousand sheets of paper in all, with the text pages numbered in sequence all the way though (not in chapters as they are now) and the illustrations also printed out and interleaved with the text so it looks a little bit like the real thing. (Which will be rather nice to see.) This all makes it easier for the publisher’s expert reader, whoever that may be, to get an idea of the book as a whole. Hope my ancient laser printer can cope with all this! So just one pic this week, a postcard not of a brewery but Gaymer’s cider (or cyder, as they would say) plant at Attleborough in Norfolk. The firm moved to the site in 1896, and that’s the date on the gable end, so I suppose we could believe it, but at first glance it looked later to me, possibly just before or after the 1914-18 war (datestones do get moved). Can’t read the date on the little porch. The plant functioned until 1995. Looking at google maps, it appears that something is left of this plant, beside the railway tracks; and the question is, what makes it different from a brewery? No brewhouse tower, for a start – the chimney stack and railway sidings could be the same as a brewery, but the long, low single working area (or so it appears on the card) is most un-brewery-like. There’s also a water tower (probably) on the left, and maybe some offices, so it is the major working area that marks it out from a brewery. Although I think I need to know more about the cider making process to be sure; basically the juice is squeezed from the apples (or whatever) in a mill or press, then fermented, and the result bottled/canned. So the bottling area would, just like in a brewery, take up a great deal of space. Overall, the building resembles a maltings more than a brewery. Umm, perhaps time for a visit to Hereford’s Cider Museum. Anyway now for printing…….

Attleborough Gaymers Cider Works postcard LFP


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