The ‘year’ endeth here!

Week 72

It’s been 72 weeks since I started this ‘year of beer’ blog, so there’s been a slight over-run – but what’s the odd 20 weeks when the project is complete! Yes, the text and illustrations, all printed out, and a mammoth 5 disks (there are some very big illustration files) have now arrived at EH in Swindon. Took me a day to finalise all the printing and pack the stuff in a box – had to go out and buy a box, there was so much paper. And now we wait for the editorial process to grind into action; the first thing that happens is that the book is sent out to an expert reader, and if it passes through that process unscathed, we get on to actually putting it together. There’s nothing quite like getting the first copy of a new book, even if you know what every single page looks like. However, I’m getting way ahead of myself here; I don’t have any information on prospective publication date. If you’ve been reading this blog from the start (or even from last week!) my thanks for sticking with it – I’ll not add anything weekly from now on, but will wait until I have news of progress with the editing etc, or have some nice images to share. This week’s image (rather appropriate, as one of my previous brewery books had this oneĀ on the cover) is an early 20th century postcard of Cain’s Mersey Brewery, Liverpool, in its pre-Higson’s days. Looks to me as if it was taken from what we’d now regard as the rear of the brewery, with the brewery tap at the far left, and probably the offices on the right. The pic deserves further investigation, as if it was very early in the 1900s, that was just after alterations; it is a rather confusing building. However, that will have to wait for another day. A temporary rest from breweries is in order – but normal service will doubtless be resumed after a few beers……

Cains Liverpool LFP postcard


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